Bout of Books 21 Day One

Hello everyone! Today the readathon Bout of Books 21 starts. I love participating in readathons and haven’t done so actively in a bit. I thought I’d kick this off by saying welcome! I am hoping to finish a book tomorrow morning. To be fair, I am 300 pages in out of 400, but I will be starting and hopefully finishing a majority of that book tomorrow.

Tuesday will be a big reading day as my mother is going in for routine surgery. The procedure itself won’t last too long, but I will be there for a majority of the day. I am looking forward to finishing The Magicians series by Lev Grossman finally. I have been reading this series for some time now. I have enjoyed it immensely, but some parts have been more dull and harder to pass than others. I have found myself not devoting enough time to reading still as I fight my way through this long standing reading slump of mine. I will make it through, though! Two days in a row I read over 100 pages! That’s great for me! I stopped over the weekend, but will pick it back fervently tomorrow.

Look at for a couple of reviews for The Magicians trilogy coming your way soon.

If you are participating in Bout of Books, good luck! May you finish all the books you hope to. My goal is about four to five. Two of them are rather short. I have that on my side.

Have a good day/night!


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