Bout of Books 21 Wrap Up

Hello everyone!

With Bout of Books 21 officially finished, I thought I would do a little wrap up. This week has definitely been a challenge. I didn’t read as much as I had wanted. I only read about a book and a half. I tried, though. My mother had surgery this past week, so I was on nurse duty for most of the days. I read/binged a bit about three days this week. I definitely slacked on the weekend when I saw my fiance. So, that happened.

I had a fun time participating though. I enjoyed getting back into the groove of blogging. I think this is going to stick for a while. I am enjoying myself again. I hope you are liking the content I am releasing.

Coming up, as I mentioned in my last post, will be reviews of The Magicians trilogy by Lev Grossman. This is the only series he currently has out but I hear rumors he is working on a take of King Arthur. If anyone could do it, he can. He has a great grasp on making things feel magical. If you haven’t read anything by him, I highly recommend you do! I’ll go further into that this week.

I hope you enjoyed my mini updates during the week. My first official review will be up sometime this week. I for one am excited.

Take care and say goodbye to another great Bout of Books! The team behind it are great. If you like reading challenges, or readathons in general, check this one out. The next one will be taking place in May. Check out for more info.

See you next time! Happy reading.

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