Here’s the story…

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a minute. Unfortunately life got in the way of indie reader girl these past two weeks. The first week I was just busy. I am getting married so I had a lot of wedding things to plan/schedule etc. etc. The next week I couldn’t find my laptop charger! Found it many days later in an obvious place as tends to be the case. Thanks for bearing with me.

A little reading update. So far, I have read four books this year. I am a little ahead of my reading goal I think, but I haven’t been spending enough time each week reading. I really need to up my game. I only read 50 pages last week of The Enchantments by Kathryn Harris. It’s okay so far. The Russian names are hard to grasp. The plot is a lot slow moving but fast paced in regards to actual content. I need to read further to get a better opinion. I did read another poetry book recently that I loved. It’s from the publisher Button Poetry that produces videos, live slams, and publishes their select slam poets of theirs. It’s a great company! They are doing great things for the poetry community I think. I want to read a majority of their books. I am at three right now. There’s at least four more I want to read I think from them. You can find the books at select indie bookstores. Support indie!!

I hope to finish The Enchantments this week. It’s kinda a busy week for me. I have something going on each day so we shall see how much reading I actually get done.

Happy reading! I will be posting two reviews this week. Keep an eye out for that.

Keep on reading and enjoy your day!

2 thoughts on “Here’s the story…

  1. AHHH congratulations, so happy for you about your future wedding. Preparations must be a bit exhausting and hectic, at times, but I’m sure the D-Day will be incredible 🙂 x
    It’s so great that you are still managing to be ahead of your reading challenge, GO YOU! 🙂
    Happy reading! 🙂 x

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