Sabrina Benaim poetry event

On January 24, 2018 I had the pleasure of attending Sabrina Benaim’s NYC stop on her tour. I have been a huge fan of hers for quite some time now. She is one of the poets I watch the most on youtube. I was very excited to see that there was an event very close to where I live. There was no other option but to buy tickets to see her. As it was a Wednesday night, it was a little tough on my fiance and I’s schedule. Nonetheless we decided to go together.

As we got to the event a little bit before we started, there was an open mic happening that Benaim was MCing. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the three poets I heard from. I walked in as one guy was reading a poem where he kept saying this is not an angry poem every few lines or so. He is the only one I remember quite vividly though, so I guess he accomplished what he set out to do. When the open mic ended, Benaim was available for a signing. Man, was I shy as I linded up. I was really nervous to meet her. She is one of my favorite modern poets right now. I have watched her videos countless amounts of times. To meet her in real life was incredible. By far, she was one of the most friendly and amiable writers I have met. I have been to a lot of signings in my day. This experience was my favorite hands down. We actually bonded over a passion of mine which is bullet journaling, which is a planning system where you are in control.

Unfortunately, the line grew so long, the event was delayed starting. I needed to get out of there by 9. Benaim was supposed to perform at 8:30. It was 8:30 already, and neither she or her warm up had performed. I am sad to say, we just left. We couldn’t stay to watch her perform. It was getting too late. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement for the books. It was a tough call to leave, but it had to be done. Even though we left early, it was amazing meeting with her and talking about a common interest. I got my picture taken with her, too. I don’t regret going, I just wish I could have stayed longer.

Look her up on youtube! My favorite poem of hers is “Talking to my mother about my depression” As someone who suffers from the same condition with a mother that doesn’t quite understand, her poem really resonates with me. Her current release is “Depression and Other Magic Tricks” released by indie publisher and poetry pioneer Button Poetry. Since discovering Button Poetry, I have fallen back in love with modern poetry. They release books from some of the best poets I’ve seen. They have a youtube channel you can check out with the same name.

Tell me your favorite poet. I might just read them!

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