Oh, how life goes by so quickly

Hi everyone! It’s another week; and another little life update. Things have been slow on the reading front. I am struggling with the book I am currently reading right now. However, I am determined to get through it. I will be dedicating some time today to get further along. The book I am reading is The Enchantments by Kathryn Harrison. It is a historical fiction novel about the relationship between the Romanovs and Rasputin’s elder daughter, Masha. In the last days of the Romanov regime, Masha and co are imprisoned in the palace. Harrison details the last of their days and the relationship shared between father and daughter–Masha and the now deceased Rasputin who was viscously murdered early on in the novel.

I am having trouble reading this because it is not entirely pulling me in. The details are more clear cut than creative and enthralling. It is a slow, almost boring read for me. There are a few parts here and there that are okay, but it’s all very mediocre to me. I will hopefully be writing a full review soon.

On the blogging schedule for this week, look out for a review of another Button Poetry release by Rudy Francisco. He has become one of my favorite modern male poets; and, poet in general really. He is inspiring, full of spark, and witty. His words are beautiful. I love his use of metaphors in his poems, The review of his book, Helium will be released this soon. Also, look for a review of a book I read last year and loved. I will be reviewing select books I read last year that I want to highlight. This week is the dulogy by Christina Henry on Alice in Wonderland as well as her new dulogy she started to release in 2017, Lost Boy inspired by Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. It was one of my favorite books by her if not my favorite. I am not sure which I am starting with, but keep a look out for those reviews. Definitely not ones to miss. She really brings her own, twisted and dark take on these classics we have all come to love. I have definitely seen them in a new light now. Peter Pan will never be the same to me again. I am looking forward to the final installment coming out later this year, I believe on the mermaids.

That’s it for me. Have a great week reading and enjoying life. My time is starting to get more busy. Next week will be especially busy for me as I have my new engagement to celebrate and friends and family coming from out of town to celebrate. I can’t wait! See you all soon!

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