Reading and weeping: a life update

Hi everyone! Welcome to the last few days of February as we begin to enter a new month. This month has flown by so fast. It’s truly incredible how fast February went by. I feel January lasted so long, but February was much shorter; even more so than just lasting twenty-eight days. On to March we go! Hopefully I will be able to read more books than I did this month. I have unfortunately only read one book this month; with another added as a DNF. I really struggled with reading this month. The only book I completed was a ninety page book of poetry; not a very ambitious read for me. It was still fulfilling for me, but not very long to add a challenge.

The DNF book is the Russian historical novel, The Enchantments by Kathryn Harrison. Written in 2012, and a NY Times notable read for that year, I failed to be impressed. Spending about two hours reading over the span of three sessions, it wasn’t something I could see myself continuing. I stopped at one hundred and thirty pages. I will be posting a longer, more in-depth review later on this week.

This week, I will also be debuting a new feature to Indie Reader Girl– author spotlights. Once a month, towards the beginning of the month, I will be featuring an author I love and hope you will too. It may be a popular author, or a new to you author that I feel should be read. This week, I have chosen a more mainstream author, Lev Grossman. Author of the ever popular The Magicians trilogy, I will be discussing his career, why I like him, and why I think you should, too. Be on the lookout for that on Thursday.

This week, on the reading front is another recommendation from my fiance. He has lent me his copy of Gun Machine by Warren Ellis. I read Ellis’s first novel, Crooked Little Vein which I loved. It was a dark, noir crime fiction book. I highly recommend that if you like any type of crime fiction. It has been one of the few crime fiction books I have read, but definitely a book I would recommend to many people. I am hoping to be finished by the end of this week with it.

Have a nice week. I will check in again next week with another update. I hope you have a productive week, with a good book to escape to. Happy reading; and see you really soon.

2 thoughts on “Reading and weeping: a life update

  1. I’ve had weeks or months where I ended up reading less than I intended to, and while that’s disappointing, there’s always next month to make up for it! Reading more is on my list of things to do in March (:

    1. I am trying to do better in March too. I want to read at least three books. I am enjoying what I am reading now so I’ve actually read three days in a row which is a lot for me these days. I’m happy. Good luck in March. I’ll keep a lookout on your reviews.

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