Author Spotlight: Lev Grossman

Hi everyone! I have decided to introduce a new feature this month. Once a month I will feature an author I feel is worth discovering. Each author will be someone I am passionate about, have read multiple books from them, and have previously reviewed them here on Indie Reader Girl.

Today, I am featuring Lev Grossman. You may know him from his more popular series, The Magicians. He has also written two prior books–Warped which was released in 1997 and The Codex which was released in 2005. It would take him four more years to gain a more rapid following. With the release of The Magicians in 2009, Grossman has since seen his notoriety and fame skyrocket.

I have only read The Magicians trilogy to be honest, but they are definitely worth the hype I believe. Grossman writes with such a passion and clear grasp of his chosen topic. The way he writes about magic makes it all feel that much more real. From gaining the abilities, honing those abilities, to almost losing it– Grossman makes for an enthralling read. There is truly something for everyone.

It would take me eight years after the first book was released to pick it up. After a recommendation and casual push from my now fiance, I stubbornly agreed to at least give the first one a try. The beginning intrigued me. Parts of the middle felt slow, but it quickly picked up. I was now caught in a whirlwind of magical feelings. The world that Grossman had crafted invited me in. I never wanted to leave. Not so similar to my age, but not too far apart, I could still relate even though it had been some time since I graduated from college. I could still picture a life with this group of students.

Grossman’s success with The Magicians doesn’t quite surprise me. Not too long after the release of the final book in the trilogy, SyFy picked it up to create a new fantasy television show. Although not very true to the novels, there is still something that it offers–a realistic, magical escape. I half watch the series, but as I get less angry about the difference, I get further pulled in. The way SyFy approached the novels is quite different, but refreshing. In the show, the students are now Grad students, instead of undergrad like they were in the novels.

Why am I such a fan of something that has become a mainstream sensation? When it was first released, I was hesitant to start it. I wasn’t interested in fantasy at the time. My only dip into the magic pool was with the Harry Potter series; and, truthfully that was enough for me. I grew up on that series. I have longed to go to Hogwarts ever since I was nine years old and it had first been released. That was almost twenty years ago! I held onto that series with an iron grip. I wouldn’t read something that would sour my feelings towards magic and the magical world J.K. Rowling created.

I feel Grossman deserves all the admiration he gets. He has crafted something that could possibly be as long lasting as Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The following he has is not as large, but they are dedicated. I am one of those fans now. I will put all my support towards him. He has truly created something special.

Please consider him as your next author to check out. His ability to tell stories is rare. Yes, there are some slow parts, but when it picks up it picks up. I am looking forward to his ever-growing career and where he goes next. I am a lifetime fan who will read much of what he puts out.

His next project is an ambitious undertaking that I am sure will impress me again. Based on the King Arthur tales, he puts a twist on it. He isn’t focusing on King Arthur himself, but the aftermath of his death. I find that so interesting. It doesn’t have a release date, but if you check out his website, he published a long update on his writing process: from what he has been doing to what he will be accomplishing. It will be a standalone, but his longest book to date. I can’t wait until more details are released.


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