Another week goes by…

Hi everyone! Welcome to March! How’s the start of the month been for you? I have had a busy first few days. Starting last Thursday, I had some close friends and relatives come into town for my engagement party that took place on Saturday. It was definitely nice catching up with everyone and putting names to faces of people in my fiance’s life I haven’t met yet. It was a busy weekend, with two people staying with my mother and I then my fiance came over Saturday night. It was a packed house!

Time spent on reading was once again sparse as the festivities began to take place. I did manage to read a hundred pages of my current read, Gun Machine by Warren Ellis. Ellis first started off writing graphic novels and comics until making the plunge writing full length novels and novellas. The previous book I read, Crooked Little Vein, and my current read Gun Machine both falling in the dark, noir crime fiction genres. Gun Machine is very good so far. I am loving it. There should be a review of it released later on this week here.

I will also be publishing a special post that I want to keep a surprise right now. It will be about my journey as a book blogger. Look out for that soon. If I haven’t mentioned already, this is in fact my second blog. I originally blogged under a similar name since 2013. My new post will talk about the begin, the dreaded break, and where I am going now. I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Happy reading! Enjoy your week. I will catch up with you next week.

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