Moving My Life Around

Well hello there!

It’s official! I have moved everything I own officially into one place. I couldn’t be more happy right now. Everything feels right in my life right now. I am succeeding at my new job. My relationship is falling into some sort of equilibrium. Better yet though, I have started reading again! I should finally be done with Gun Machine by the end of this week if everything goes well. I just got back into it. I am loving it all over again. It is getting better and more exciting.

Now for a bit of house keeping. I will try to write two to three posts a week. I am trying to get back into a routine as things have settled down now. I should have at least one, but hopefully two new posts up this week.

For once, I am going to keep them as a surprise. They are some good ones, I promise.

For one more tease, I will be starting a new book from one of my favorite authors. Hint hint I reviewed HER. Can you guess who she is?

You know what I’ve been up to. What have you been reading??

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