An Evening with Ultra Runner Scott Jurek

In April, I had the pleasure of attending a unique book launch party for Scott Jurek and wife Jenny Jurek’s new book about Scott’s journey through breaking the Applacian Trail world record in 2015. Scott has been an Ultra Runner for many years but this was by far his biggest accomplishment.

At this event for their book North, they did something a little different. Both Scott and Jenny read an excerpt from the book where Scott would read his dialogue then Jenny would read hers, making it a funny tag team skit. What came next was even better: a short video that showed their journey as Scott goes further into the trail. The movie was nicely made, with a great score and even better footage of the trials and tribulations that Scott and Jenny faced.

He finished the trail in 46 days! Hearing his story was amazing. The two of them even brought friends out on stage that contributed to his success. One of them was a friend he hadn’t seen in years. He had only met him once in NYC but was surprised by him at Bear Mountain where they ran 50 miles together.

The stories that were told were funny, heart warming, and very inspiring. As we received a presigned copy of the book, we were then able to get a picture with him.

I am not an athlete by any means, but he is my fiance’s hero. I have never seen him look as happy as he did when he met him. It was an amazing sight to see.

I can’t wait to dig into North. Look out for a review in the coming month.

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