Welcome to Spring: Random House Spring Open House

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy your start of your weekend. Today I will be discussing the opportunity I had this past month to attend Random House’s annual Spring Open House. What a pleasure and honor it was to be there! For the first time, I was accompanied by my mother.

It was such a fun day filled with lots of excellent panels, free goodies, and good books. The day started off great when you are greeted with a bag filled with five books and many extra goodies including a free mediation session at MNDFUL. I can’t wait to try that out!! It should be a great experience.

The morning started with a panel discussion and demonstration with mediation guru Light Watkins where he discussed his new book, Bliss More; as well as his journey with practicing mediation regularly. We were then led on our on medication path with a five minutes guided meditation with Light. It was truly an experience to be guided by such a force.

The next panel was perhaps one of my favorites. We were greeted by three fearless women talking about empowerment and severe loss in a non fiction panel. These women were incredible. One author discussed losing her baby at birth, to her husband shortly divorcing her afterwards. It was devasting but with a happy ending. Another author struggled with her husband after he had a debilitating stroke that led him to forget how to do everything. He went from an adult to an infant in some short months after being in a coma for a significant amount of time. To top that off, she was five months pregnant. Her story was inspiring. She proved her fearlessness and willingness to never give up. Once again, we land on a happy ending. The last author wrote a book of vigennettes of over 100 powerful women called The Little Book of Feminist Saints. I have put that one on my to read list as that sounds incredible. She features strong women from all parts of life. It sounds fascinating. She includes well known women such as Katherine Hepburn to women who fought of Nazis in World War II in planes made for farming.

The panels continued throughout the day with the theme of self-care. It was an uplifting day. We learned about cooking with a slow cooker, how to take care of our skin, and minding what we ate.

My favorite panel though was the newly released fiction panel. In our goodie bag, we we’re lucky enough to receive all the features books. Although two out of the four didn’t interest me, the ones that did really did. One book called The Song of a Captive Bird talks about one of the first Iranian female poets who was a pioneer with a sad, mysterious end. The next book that interested me was about a Las Vegas showgirl in the 1960’s.

We wrapped up the day with a cocktail reception. It was a great end to a great day. If you are ever in NYC, I highly recommend these events. They put it on every season. I have gone to about five throughout four years. The experience is worth the price.

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