Gun Machine by Warren Ellis Book Review

Gun Machine

Author: Warren Ellis

Released: January 3rd, 2013 by Mulholland Books

Length: 308 pages

Edition: Paperback

Acquired: Borrowed

Rating: 5/5

Meet Detective Tallow– a tired Cop trying to get the job done right. When his partner dies suddenly in a strange shootout involving a naked man, life changes quickly. As Detective Tallow’s gun kills the guy in question, his bullet spirals, hitting an apartment door that changes everything.

Unbeknownst to everyone involved, Detective Tallow has discovered the apartment of a serial killer Hitman who keeps all his guns from unsolved murders. What first starts as an unsolvable, bury it quickly investigation turns into Detective Tallow’s last chance at being the Cop he was meant to be.

Gun Machine is told in two third person point of views, with alternating chapters. On one hand, you get a look at the investigation from Detective Tallow’s point of view. You read directly everything that happens; from conspiracy theories to funny interactions with Crime Scene Investigators that are unhinged in hilarious ways. In the other chapters, you read about “the hunter”. The man behind all these killings.

The way this story develops is nothing short of an incredible feat. The way Ellis weaves a story is undeniably perfect. He attacks it from both sides, leaving you on the edge of your seat. There is something in the way Ellis writes that is never short of surprises and in-depth looks at flawed people. He has a knack for discovering truths behind the most flawed of people. He goes deeper into the mind of each person.

After two books, Crooked Little Vein and now this, these are his only full length novels. I have now read both where I am left stunned both times. There is something that lingers afterwards. A feeling of uncomfortableness. The realness that he writes leaves you with the overwhelming impression that these type of characters are not characters at all. They are your neighbors. They are the people you should be afraid of.

Although I loved Crooked Little Vein immensely, this one is my favorite. There was something that felt so everlasting afterwards. I thought about it for many days after. There is nothing to compare Ellis’ writing to to be honest. It’s unique, and vibrantly so. I cannot recommend him enough.

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