Diversifying Your Reading Tastes

Today I want to share with you ways to rediscover reading and the many genres and types of books out there. For a decent amount of time I stuck to one or two genres. Bouncing between Young Adult and Historical fiction. Over the years, I began to favor the former. Spending many months reading various books that fit that genre. I would read realistic YA, light first love based books, and the very occasional Fantasy novel. There was something so satisfying reading them until it wasn’t as much.

In 2016, inspired by someone very important to me I became to discover how much is really out there. I read my first noir crime fiction novel, a magical realism series about Japanese Feudalism, a science fiction novel about a universe fighting to survive under the rule of strong women. I read about magicians who didn’t attend Hogwarts. There was so much more I began to love. This year, I have only read one Young Adult book. As I got ready for my big move, I donated all my YA books, both read and unread.

This is something I never thought would be possible. Then it was. I felt free from my strict reading confines.

Some suggestions I can offer. Find a reading buddy who has different reading preferences than you. Ask them for recommendations and listen. Buy or borrow that one book. It may turn into two or five. You never know.

Another suggestion I have is to join a book club that covers a wide range of genres read. It’s best to not start with a specific genre centered group. You will notice that a lot of people can have things in common, but it’s best when there are some differences to be had. Plus, who doesn’t want to bond over books?

My last suggestion is to take a quiz. Dare yourself to read more of the books on the list. BBC has released a list of the top 100 novels of all time. There is even a limited series wiring on PBS called the Great American Read I believe that starts soon. See how many you have read and challenge yourself to read x amount more. You’ll be surprised by what you have and haven’t read. Just read. Keep that mind occupied.

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions. If I can inspire you to read outside your comfort zone with even one book, I’ll be happy.


3 thoughts on “Diversifying Your Reading Tastes

  1. Another one is simply looking up a reading challenge – Popsugar has a yearly one that has some fun prompts! I did that last year and it made me pick up so many books I usually would’ve NEVER even looked at twice. Ever since, I started diversifying my reads way more than I used to do.

    Awesome post! 🙂

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